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Robert M0NVQ
Robert M0NVQ

Hello, I am Robert M0NVQ, a licensed amateur radio operator and my QTH is Oldham, Greater Manchester. M0NVQ is my callsign.

This is my amateur radio blog, which means only amateur radio topics will be covered. My amateur radio blog posts provide details of forthcoming amateur radio rallies, events on the air, contests, amateur radio suppliers, allocated frequencies, and other amateur radio websites.

How I became interested in Amateur Radio

I first became interested in amateur radio in 1972 when I joined Sutton Coldfield Radio Society Unfortunately, ‘A’ levels followed by university, a rewarding career, and busy family life kept me occupied. However, in 2012, I decided to retire and planned to rekindle my interest in amateur radio. I took my examinations and worked my way up to a full licence:

  • Foundation in November 2012 – M6RCL,
  • Intermediate in February 2013 – 2E0FIT,
  • Advanced in May 2013 – M0NVQ.

Robert callsign M0NVQ – amateur radio operating

Alinco DJ-G7
Alinco DJ-G7

There are quite a few repeaters near me and I have my own MMDVM hotspot. So it is easy for me to access both D-Star and DMR. I use my Anytone AT-D868UV and Hytera PD785 DMR for DMR and my Icom ID-51E Plus for D-Star.

I have a Diamond V2000 (2m/70cm/6m) antenna. Secured on a forty-foot fibreglass mast above the roof, this antenna works well. I can use this antenna with my Yaesu FT-817ND or any of my handheld transceivers.

Working the Saudi-OSCAR 50 satellite using my Baofeng GT-3 or Alinco DJ-G7 with my homebrew yagi has proven to be good fun.

When away from the QTH, I use my telescopic fibreglass pole and inverted V antennas for QRP HF operation.

I recently helped in the re-establishment of GB7MR, the DMR reporter for North Manchester, part of the Northern DMR Cluster Hopefully, GB7MR is now a permanent feature of the Northern Cluster, benefiting the many DMR enthusiasts in the North Manchester area.

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