Best YouTube videos about radios and amateur radio – updated 21st August 2021

Best YouTube videos about radios and amateur radio

YouTube videos

There are absolutely loads of YouTube videos about radios and amateur radio. Here are links to some of the best YouTube videos that I have come across. Many of these videos are by hobbyists working with radio and others are specifically about amateur radio. I guess, if a fellow radio enthusiast can go to all the effort necessary to publish a YouTube video, then they must have something interest to say. Perhaps I should let you decide. Some of these videos were published by people who call themselves vloggers and they upload new video content on a regular basis. You can subscribe to their channels and receive notifications when new content is uploaded.

Adam R Kimmerly, K6ARK Portable Radio

K6ARK, Portable Radio is a great YouTube channel for seeing QRP from summits in practice. Visit Adam’s YouTube channel at:-

Antenna Showdown – New Packable Yagi vs Vertical in the 6m Sprint

Billy’s DIY Dreamshop

Billy Cheung has the channel, Billy’s DIY Dreamshop, currently dedicated to crystal sets and simple radios. Visit Billy’s YouTube channel at:-

Adding a Meter and a Speaker to my Antique Crystal Radio

Bolton Wireless Club

Bolton Wireless Club now meets at Ladybridge Community Centre, Beaumont Drive, BOLTON, BL3 4RZ. Visit Bolton Club’s YouTube channel at:-

MMDVM with G4KLX at the Bolton Wireless Club

Bury Radio G3BRS

The Bury Radio Society was formed in 1938 and is affiliated with the Radio Society of Great Britain. Visit Bury Radio’s YouTube channel at:-

We love construction!

Carl Plant M0SZT, in Stoke-on-Trent

Visit Carl’s YouTube channel at:-

Hammock camp in the rain with ham radio | Military whip antenna

Dave Casler KE0OG

Dave CaslerKE0OG, creates ham radio YouTube videos from the Western Slope of Colorado to educate and inform his ham radio audience. Visit Dave’s YouTube channel at:-

Ground Rod Options

Peter Parker VK3YE, in Melbourne Australia

Visit Peter’s YouTube channel at:-

7 courtyard or balcony HF antenna ideas


QRP-Labs is the home of Hans Summers G0UPL for your QRP kits and components. Visit the QRP-Labs YouTube channel at:-

QCX-mini update and test jig

Radio Society of Great Britain, RSGB

Visit the RSGB’s YouTube channel at:-

Assessing your station against ICNIRP EMF levels

Weekly YouTube videos by TamithaSkov, the Space Weather Woman

Tamitha Skov brings Space Weather news with forecasts for amateur radio users and people who photograph the sky at night. Visit the Space Weather Woman’s YouTube channel at:-

The First X-Flare of Solar Cycle 25 | Space Weather News 07.06.2021

I hope you enjoyed at least some of these vloggers publishing YouTube videos.

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